12 novembre 2016

revue n°408

Spécial Elections Américaines

Le système électoral américain
! Animation: Pourquoi les USA swinguent pour élire leur président ? (Le Monde)
Jeu interactif : Predict the President (BBC) & Infographie: Guess the 2016 Electoral College (WSJ)

Les sondages pré-électoraux
Etat des lieux des sondages, cf. The Huffington Post Polls Database 

Les résultats

Infographie interactive: La carte électorale, avec les résultats (Politico)
Cartes: How Trump redrew the electoral map, from sea to shining sea & Two swing states show why Clinton lost & In a crucial Democratic stronghold, Trump surged & How Trump won the presidency with razor-thin margins in swing states & Urban and rural America are becoming increasingly polarized (Washington Post)
Analyse: How Trump won his map. Several key battlegrounds proved essential to Trump's triumph (Politico)

Les sondages sortie des urnes:
! Infographie interactive: Exit Polls 2016 (Washington Post-- 25 000 répondants)
! Infographie: How Trump Won the Election According to Exit Polls (New York Times)
Infographie: Behind Trump’s victory: Divisions by race, gender, education (Pew Research Center)

Un vote rationnel (?)
! No, Trump voters were not irrational (Washington Post)
! Documentaire TV: Trumpland (Naked Truth, Fusion)
Trump won because Voters are Ignorant, Literaly, by Jason Brennan (Foreign Policy)
! Portfolio sonore: Trump Nation (USA Today)

Un vote de ressentiment (?)
! Here’s what Trump is telling resentful Americans & A new theory for why Trump voters are so angry (Washington Post) & Why Are Small-Town Wisconsinites So Angry? (USA Today), by Katherine Cramer, professeur de sciences politiques à l’université du Wisconsin, et auteur de The Politics of Resentment (Univ of Chicago Press, 2016), une enquête sur le ressentiment populaire dans le Wisconsin profond. Cf. aussi sa vidéoconférence: The Politics of resentment 

Can Trump Save Their Jobs? They’re Counting on It (NYT) & Deep in Virginia’s craggy coal country, they saw Trump as their only hope (Washington Post)

! The Great Unravelling, Wall Street Journal : In Places With Fraying Social Fabric, a Political Backlash Rises & How the China Shock, Deep and Swift, Spurred the Rise of Trump & Election 2016 Is Propelled by the American Economy’s Failed Promises & The Places That Made Donald Trump President

Median household income, adjusted for inflation
Percentage satisfied with where things are going in the U.S.
Sources: Wall Street Journal -- Gallup & Bureau of Labor Statistics

Un vote identitaire (?)
! Il faut lire la remarquable analyse d'Amanda Taub: Behind 2016’s Turmoil, a Crisis of White Identity (New York Times)
Stop blaming racism for Donald Trump’s rise (Washington Post)
! Arlie Russell Hochschild, professeur de psychologie sociale à Berkeley, est l’auteur de “Strangers in Their Own Land”, une enquête sur les supporters du Tea Party en Louisiane : Arlie Russell Hochschild’s View of Small-Town Decay and Support for Trump (New Yorker) – Vidéo: Entretien avec l’auteur (Democracy now)

Un vote conservateur (?)
Vidéo: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives, par Jonathan Haidt, prof de psychologie sociale et auteur de The Righteous Mind (Ted talk) & Cartoon: How to make a Conservative and how to make a Liberal, by Hugo Freitas (illustration d’un chapitre de The Righteous Mind)
! Donald Trump supporters think about morality differently than other voters. Here’s how, by Jonathan Haidt et al. (Vox)

Un vote populiste (?)
Populism on the March, Why the West Is in Trouble, by Fareed Zakaria (Foreign Affairs)
Trump, Brexit, and the rise of Populism: Economic have-nots and cultural backlash, by Ronald F. Inglehart and Pippa Norris, Sept. 2016, annual meeting of the American Political Science Association
The Origins of the Trump Revolution : Donald Trump’s Jacksonian Revolt & Donald Trump as Nixon’s Heir & The Fall of the Unions Paved the Way for Donald Trump (WSJ)

Un vote nationaliste (?)